HYDERABAD- The city of smiles and joy.

Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian city of Telangana. The city has an estimated population of around 6.7 million, making it the 4th largest city in India, while the population of the metropolitan area was estimated above 7.75 million. Religiously and culturally, the city is united with Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Hyderabad city is known for its rich history, food and its multi-lingual culture, both geographically and culturally. It was founded in the year 1591 by the fifth Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities, separated by the Husain Sagar (bound by the 'Tank Bund'), a man-made lake made during the time of Ibrahim Qutb Shah in 1562.


What makes Hyderabad such a special destination is its multi-cultural mix of people.


There are four languages in Hyderabad: Hindi, Deccani-Urdu, Telugu and English. English is the language of business and administration, and is widely spoken and understood. Most Hyderabadis are bilingual, and speak their mother tongue as well as English.


With this diversity of people, Hyderabad also has diverse religions. Hyderabad’s skyline boasts the distinctive minarets of mosques, intricate figurines of Hindu temple gods, beautiful Churches and distinctive architecture of Gurudwaras. The main religions are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism.

Security & Safety

Hyderabad has a well-founded reputation as one of the safest cities in the world. Crime rates are low and the streets are safe to walk in any time of the day or night. However, we do recommend that visitors to this city take the normal precaution of keeping their valuables in a safe place at all times. The Government has and will continue to be vigilant in ensuring that Hyderabad remains safe. It has stepped up security measures at key installations and other sensitive places. The Government has also made it known that extremism originating from religion or race has no place in Hyderabad and it will not hesitate to take action against any extremist or terrorist groups or individuals. Police teams comprising women have been constituted as part of the measures being taken by the Telangana government for women's safety and security. Dial the helpline number 100 in case you need help.

Famous Historical Sites

firefox Golconda fort was founded originally by the Kakatiyas in the 13th century, and was expanded by the Qutb Shahi kings into a massive fort of granite with walls. The fortress city within the walls was famous for the diamond trade and the Koh-i-noor diamond is said to have come from here. One of the most remarkable features of Golconda is its system of acoustics. The sounds of hands clapped in the grand portico can be heard in the Durbar Hall, at the very top of the hill.

firefox Charminar is the major landmark in Hyderabad, the massive arch built by Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah, in 1591 looming at a height of 56 m, is an impressive square gateway with four minarets, to commemorate the end of the plague. The arch is illuminated daily in the evening, an unforgettable sight indeed.


firefox Mecca Masjid is near Charminar, one of the largest in the state if not in India, said to accomodate upto 10,000 worshippers. Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah began building it in 1617 and was completed during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1694.



firefox A little away from Golconda fort are a cluster of tombs. Number of them have intricately carved stonework and are the most authentic evidence of the Qutub Shahi architectural traditions. The tombs erected in the memory of the departed kings of Golconda. They stand a kilometer north of Golconda fort's Banjara Darwaza.


firefox Hussain Sagar is a lake in Hyderabad, India built by Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali in 1562, during the rule of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah . It was a lake of 24 kilometres built on a tributary of the River Musi to meet the water and irrigation needs of the city. There is a large monolithic statue of the Gautam Buddha in the middle of the lake which was erected in 1992.

firefox Birla Mandir is a magnificient temple built entirely in marble, with great architectural significance. It was built by the Birla Foundation. The temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. The granite image of the presiding deity is about 11 ft. tall and a carved lotus forms an umbrella on the roof. The consorts of Lord Venkateswara, 'Padmavati' and 'Andal' are housed in separate shrines. There is a brass flagstaff in the temple premises which rises to a height of 42 ft. The temple manifests a blend of South Indian, Rajasthani and Utkal temple architectures. In its entirety, it is made of 2000 tons of pure Rajasthani white marble. It is built on a 280-feet high hillock called the Naovath Pahad in a 13 acres plot. The construction of the temple took 10 years and it was consecrated in 1976. The temple complex overlooking the southern side of Hussain Sagar, offers a magnificient panoramic view of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It presents a colorful spectacular sight when illuminated at night

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